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50 refs in less than 11 days, perfect! - (giuliap)
4th successfully completed ordering, fast enough thank you - (sportek)
thks u friends u are GREAT!!!!! from HARSHID97 - (Harshid97)
very good service but takes time to start and few days it was just one new ref. - (William)
3th successfully completed ordering and good ROI on my first order - (sportek)

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- What is Ultimateref?
We offer global advertising services, we work with our customers in a win-win environment. We are able to target our ads with extreme relevance, working regularly with simple advertising agencies but also direct publishers or specialized bloggers.

- How do I order?
Choose a pack (Welcome Bonus: get 1 free referral bonus every 5 referrals purchased, only your first order) you only have to insert your referral link (or your website, blog, forum) and your contact email address . Check out your information and proceed to the payment, send the exact amount of your order. Once payment is confirmed your advertiser account and your order will be checked and activated within 48 to 72 hours.

- How do you manage to find referrals?
We work with large advertising companies by buying large packs of ads. Then we work these ads in order to get the best results (the list of the most popular sites are part). We also recently set up a system with publishers and specialized bloggers. Thus we show your ads to the right place, in full view of hundreds of new potential prospects.

- I haven't received my order confirmation & IDs!
If you still have not received the email containing information about your account after 72 hours, please contact us. Please wait a maximum of 72 hours to contact our support. Sometimes a campaign is activated within 24 hours and another day within 48 hours, or 72 hours.

- Statistics are in real time?
Yes! your statistics and graphs are in real time and automatically updated every 10 seconds. You can watch live the impact of your campaigns worldwide and closely monitor each new referral acquired. You can also see the referring site, country, IP address ...)

- My referrals Are all humans?
Of course! 100% of your traffic is human, we block the same poor quality traffic, from proxy, or TOR. Your referrals can not be bots, and we do not encourage such practices.

- I'm not satisfied, can i get a refund?
Of course, if your current command is still "in progress" you can get a full or partial refund. The price of your order is divided by the number of ordered referrals, and you only pay for what you received. If your order is "completed" and that you are not satisfied with our service, you can get a refund of 80% of the total price of your order. However, your link will be unusable on Ultimateref and our services will not be accessible to you.
- How can I get direct referrals?
You can easily get referrals with us, you can start buying your first pack (between 5 and 200 direct referrals) and enjoy a signup bonus with free referrals. We also provide you with a referral link, simply broadcast this link to earn comissions on 3 levels (20% -10% -5%). Note that all new registrations (control and affiliation) will be validated within 72 hours.

- How can I enjoy the welcome bonus?
You have nothing to do, everything is automatic, your bonus will be awarded to your first order. For example if you ordered 5 referrals you will get one more for free if you ordered 20 referrals you will get 4 offered. Warning cheaters using multi-accounts or proxy / VPN are quickly identified and banned from our services.

- How much time does it take?
After confirming payment, launching your campaign can take up to 72 hours. This is due to the writing and manual integration of new ads, and validating them by advertising platforms. Once your campaign is launched, you will receive up to 5, 10 or 15 new referrals per day (varies depending on the site and the current demand for it). Larger packs are priorities.

- Do you accept all types of sites?
We accept almost all sites (except illegal, profane, sexual ...) however we advise you to not use site with paid registration or limited to certain countries. You will not get good results for such sites and it will be very long to get your downline. Also avoid offers including downloading or third party applications.

- Why do I get so few new referrals?
This is due to the high demand of the site concerned, or else has the opposite low popularity of a website can be an important factor. Remember that your link must lead to an open and free registration in all countries of the world to enjoy the power of our services.

- I received more than ordered, will I be charged?
No, you can not get less than ordered, but when you receive more, we will not charge you. For example this is due to someone who keep the page open longer then is register to the site later.